Marta Lieb Lerede

Returning birth to a calm, beutiful and peaceful experience


“It was a great way for me to let go of my fears and enjoy the pregnancy and helped me cope with labour with almost no discomfort. Of course I recommend it and you for the ideal way to bring a child into the world”

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Course Content

There are five classes of 2.5 hours each. There will be a mix of HypnoBirthing videos, lectures, demonstrations, and plenty of time for practicing the techniques and asking questions.

When should I start the classes?

The ideal time to begin the classes is between the 25th and 30th week of pregnancy. However, women who are beyond the 30th week would still find the course very beneficial.


Building a Positive Expectancy

  • How The Uterus Works
  • How Fear Affects Labour
  • Hypnosis and Deep Relaxation


Falling in Love with Your Baby, Preparing Mind and Body
for Labour

  • Relaxation and Breathing
  • Preparing The Body for Birthing


Getting ready to welcome your baby

  • Preparing Your Birth Plan
  • Antenatal Preparations


Overview of Childbirth -
A Labour of Love

  • Onset of Labour
  • As Labour Moves Along
  • As Labour Advances--Nearing Completion


Birthing - Breathing love,
Bringing Life

  • Birthing positions
  • Birth - The Final Act
  • Family Bonding
  • The 4th Trimester
HypnoBirthing Course Content


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