Marta Lieb Lerede

Returning birth to a calm, beutiful and peaceful experience

About Me

FENDANT - Federation of Antenatal Educators

After almost 15 years of an international career in consulting and marketing, I decided to change gears and dedicate my time to the well-being of pregnant women and their children.

I work with women because I love them, their stories, their triumphs, their challenges and their energy and determination. I aim to know my clients, because I take the time to listen and I listen well. The more I learn the more I can share. My practice is a safe, quiet and private place where women can bring their pregnancy doubts, their worries, desires and fears. It is a non-judgemental environment in which to learn about the miracle of birth and gather all the tools for your peaceful birth.

It is such a gift to be able to change women’s lives and bring back a belief in easy, comfortable birth. And if different scenarios arise, with HypnoBirthing my clients have told me they felt in control to make better decisions. Myself, I felt so empowered after my births I look at athletes and think “bah, you have no idea what accomplishment is!”. If anyone would like to know more, I would be happy to be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My own birth story

In 2006 I fell pregnant for the first time and even if the pregnancy went well, I had this feeling that I was caring an alien, like the monster from the film Alien with Sigourney Weaver.

I wasn’t able to read about labour and birth. All the books only talked about complications and difficulties and I was unable to find one that explained birth. Nevertheless, two things I was absolutely sure about, I wanted a natural birth and I wanted to breastfeed.

I paid very dearly for my lack of preparation. Louise was delivered in only 6 hours, but shaking from the trauma of birth, I felt lonely and alone.

In 2008 baby number two was on its way. I was convinced that my body knew what to do, and it was the lack of trust from the delivery team that took my confidence away. So I took matters into my own hands and started my pregnancy and birth education.

This is when I heard of HypnoBirthing. The concept intrigued me. A pain free birth, no drugs involved? I found an amazing practitioner and after reading Mary Mongan’s book, listening to the CD and attending sessions my fears slowly melted away. This time, I dreamed of a rosy little baby. I was eager for a new experience.

Sophie came out, so peacefully, so easily, after 10 minutes in the delivery room! Everything was different this time. No drugs, no trauma, skin to skin, a calm and hungry baby! She started breastfeeding straight away and slept so well I could not believe my luck.

Sophie’s birth changed my life. I was so mesmerised by the experience I left my marketing director job and trained to become a HypnoBirthing teacher.

In 2010 baby number 3 arrived. Mark’s birth was less active, still calm and relaxed. For the first time, my waters broke early in labour, in a restaurant of all places! I was checked in hospital only to be sent back home.

I carried on with my daily life and once my girls were in bed and the house quiet, I relaxed and willed my labour to restart. I fell asleep during my surges, making the hospital midwife wonder what was going on.

I woke up when Mark was crowning and a few minutes later he came out, peaceful and hungry. I had another beautiful birth and another baffled midwife…

Now it is your turn to write your story and join all the blessed mothers and blissed babies!

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